My goal is to bring an urgent change in people's lives. I will fight poverty, bring better paying jobs, improve life standard, make everyone feel that they are not alone and that help is on the way.


Let's Make Real Reforms, Let's Make Real Change.


 Raji rab for u.s. senate 2024 

I am running for the office of U.S. Senate to boost economy, humanitarian, environmental, national security, global peace issues and to better serve Americans with progress and prosperity. I am an aviator, educator, and an entrepreneur, but above all, I am a caring humanitarian. I belong to a family of givers, take ethical behavior as personal. I believe diversity strengthens our environment and enriches the pursuit of happiness. People need better healthcare, subsidized housing, safety, cleaner environment, and affordable living. Heavy increases in rent, mortgage, gas, grocery, APRs need reduction that is much overdue. Student debt must be deleted, debt free students will raise a debt free nation. Party politics has scorched us, setting divisions in our democracy. I will work with all sides, unite us on common grounds, boost our economy, and improve living standards with safety, peace, progress and prosperity.

Here in America, we are blessed with the Declaration of Independence that serves us the rights of equal opportunity. I will preserve these rights with progress and prosperity for all. I will set our youth on a winning path, compete in righteousness and be your champion for humanity. With my nonpartisan approach I will work on common grounds, and I will secure a happy future for our children, our seniors and for us all. I work as a team; my campaign is about innovative economic advancement. I will take us all into the future with a big leap of prosperity. That's my goal. I am proud to lead you with your vote to win our 2024 U.S. Senate election.

My leadership is about unity, happiness, advancement, and a better life for us all. Unlike special interest groups, my loyalties remain resolute towards national and public interest. I support world peace, safer environment, justice & equality. I will help reduce the inflated high cost of living that is crippling us all. I want the best for everyone, I support decency, family values, respect, and integrity. I say yes to peace, no to war. I welcome good ideas, help small business, ease regulations, & will offer big relief to big job creators. I am fighting in court for the rule of law in our elections to protect our democracy. With your vote I will bring real change & make it happen. 


Event - Riversida CA with Chief Larry
Raji Rab with Chief Jason Sims of Culver City
Event and U.S. Senate Campaign speech in Burbank CA
Raji Rab files Petition in CA Supreme Court